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Video Production

Baltimore City Young Life

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One of the non-profits that I work with fairly consistently is Young Life.  This past spring, my good friend Josh Goodman with Baltimore City Young Life asked me if I’d be able to make a video for him to show at his Young Life breakfast.

As Young Life is still in somewhat early days in Baltimore City, we were hoping for the video to show what the ministry is currently doing.  He wanted to show the neighborhoods in downtown Baltimore for where they’re meeting kids and to show what the school and what an average Young Life club looks like.

Josh is faithful to the city of Baltimore and I’m glad that I was able to help create this video for him.

Shooting with ILVE

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Yesterday, I was with  Kurt’s Kitchen and EuroChefUSA in New York City shooting a video for the ILVE 30″ induction range.  The ILVE is an all electric range with a beautiful stainless steel finish and an awesome induction cooktop.  The range has many different cooking modes which makes it easy to cook with and also has the rack and ability to cook rotisserie in – everybody loves a good rotisserie chicken.  ILVE’s induction cooktop is fantastic and if you’ve never cooked on one before, you’re missing out.  The cooktop is so effective that when I was trying to get a shot of water coming to a boil I missed it – as in it happened too fast and we had to do it again.

The ILVE is a great range and we have some great video to prove it.

Peter von Kahle Peter von Kahle ILVE 30" Induction Range Chef Kurt von Kahle My Cooking Party

Also, special thanks to My Cooking Party in Manhattan for letting us film in your beautiful space.

A Day with Bare Knuckle Fabrication

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Currently, I’m working on a video project for DMG Interiors and last week, that project brought me to Bare Knuckle Fabrication in Leesburg to shoot some B-Roll.  Here are just a few clips from how awesome their shop is. Also, be sure to check out there Etsy store and buy some beautiful handcrafted frames, cutting boards, coat racks and more.

Peter von Kahle Videographer Bare Knuckle Fabrication bare Knuckle Fabrication Bare Knuckle Fabrication

On the Amazon

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Last week, I was in Brazil with Justice and Mercy International taking photos and video for their annual Pastor’s Conference.  My last day there, we took a boat ride along the Amazon and I got incredible footage.

I heard some incredible stories from people who have incredible faith and I am so excited to be able to share those stories with you further down the road.