If you have a local or small business, you really should be using video marketing in Washington DC to promote your product or service.  Currently, video marketing is one of the fastest growing, (if not the fastest), segments of digital marketing available to small businesses.  In 2017, more small businesses are relying on video; research shows that close to 63% of start-ups have used video marketing as a form of inbound marketing strategy, and 99% of those who’ve used video in past campaigns, plan to continue using it for the foreseeable future.  Why? Because video marketing works.

Video Increases Your Company’s Online Exposure. More and more people are using social media every day.  As a result, we are viewing, reacting, and sharing video content through social media.  Every day, online videos rack up hundreds of millions of views throughout various social media platforms.  Sharing a video on social media gives your company the chance for exposure and the more your video gets viewed and shared, the more exposure your product, idea, or service receives.  Any start-up or small business that seeks to build a loyal consumer audience, especially among millennials, cannot afford to ignore video marketing through social media.

Video helps to Showcase Your Brand Identity.  People use the internet to help make wise consumer decisions and research products and/or brands they may be interested in.  Video content provides a consumer with important information about not only your product, idea, or service but also your overall brand.  Video content is far more nuanced, and relatable than a simple text post or consumer review and makes it easy to present your brand, culture, and products or service to a wide audience.  Video helps to put a face, colors, and a voice to your brand which makes your brand far much more relatable and memorable to any audience.

A Video is Cost Effective.  Cost is a major factor for most small businesses and many don’t have a huge budget for marketing.  For every marketing decision, the return on investment has to be maximized. However, because video content is sharable across many advertising platforms (from television to YouTube), video content allows you to properly utilize your ad budget.  Also, video content has a long shelf life – in other words, as long as your product, idea, or service doesn’t change, you can use the same video for years.  Short, catchy, interesting, and engaging videos remain the most critical marketing tool in your hands as a small enterprise especially given that video sharing platforms like YouTube are free.

Video Content Provides a Consistent Message. Let’s say that your start-up needs some more backers, or maybe your small business is having a simple sale.  What’s the best way to get the word out?  To tell people and share the news.  A video provides a quick way to deliver the exact same message to a wide audience to get the word out.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be watched.  Video delivers one simple message to multiple people quickly.

Have video marketing campaigns been successful for your company? What benefits have you seen from using video marketing? Please let me know in the comments below.

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